My Thoughts on Using Electronic Cigarette -- Prepared for the Worst But Hope for The Best
BY Mozart Liu @ December 06, 2022

Like any cigarette, nicotine is harmful to our health.
I had been smoking for more than ten years and started to use electronic cigarettes half a year ago. I gave up cigarettes due to rhinitis and switched to e-cigarettes. After that, the rhinitis and chest tightness were greatly relieved, and the cough disappeared.
Conclusions: cigarettes and e-cigarettes are not the same. The main harm of cigarettes to people comes from the tar and the chemicals and nicotine produced after burning.

The danger of e-cigarettes comes from the fact that it is especially easy to overdose on nicotine without any hints. (The claim of excessive formaldehyde has been proved by experiments that the formaldehyde produced by e-cigarettes is not higher than that of cigarettes and cigars)

The electronic cigarette heats the heating wire through the lithium battery, and then the heating wire heats the e-liquid on the cotton to generate vapor. The e-liquid here replaces the traditional cigarette itself and is a consumable. The composition of e-liquid is not as evil as those KOL(key opinion leader) accounts describe, saying the heating are generating thousands of chemicals for you, on the contrary, as long as you have some skills, you can prepare a bottle of simple e-liquid by yourself.

The tar produced by burning cigarettes is no less harmful than nicotine. Smokers may suffer yellow teeth, rhinitis, and chest tightness.

Coughs are caused by tar, and tar will also accumulate in the lungs, causing cancer. One of the advantages of electronic cigarettes is that they do not produce tar, which greatly reduces harm to the human body. But when comparing hazards, tar assumes the role of a double-edged sword.
When smoking cigarettes, taking too much tar will cause discomfort in the lungs, so people temporarily stop smoking, and the process of your intake of nicotine and other harmful substances stops. E-cigarettes have no tar, and because the e-liquid has a sweet taste, it is sweeter. People can smoke without knowing how much nicotine is delivered, and old smokers can also get drunk (slight nicotine poisoning), and the process of ingesting harmful substances will be prolonged.
Old smokers can relieve their cravings by smoking cigarettes, and smoking electronic cigarettes can experience the light feeling of smoking for the first time.
Taking in tar is like suffering pain, you react when you feel pain. If you don't feel pain, you will ignore the injury.

It is not a problem for those KOL accounts to advocate that excessive nicotine in e-liquids is not a problem, because they do not smoke e-cigarettes, and cannot distinguish between Pod vapes and Mod vapes, drop oil and storage oil, and nicotine salt and nicotine-free e-juice. Nicotine salt is always used as an example to prove the high content of e-liquid. But e-cigarettes are not calculated in this way. There are many kinds of carriers for e-cigarettes. Generally, high-content nicotine salts will only be used with low-power devices, and only a small amount of nicotine can be inhaled at a time. And those high-power drip atomizer mechanical devices that spit out a cloud are only used to match e-liquids with very low nicotine content or even nicotine-free e-liquids.

From personal experience, e-cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes. You brush your teeth without nausea and with smoke and cough all day and all night. Teeth won't turn yellow and black and disgusting, and fingers won't smell like smoke. Your nose can smell more than tar, and your lungs are no longer stuffy. But e-cigarettes cannot quit your nicotine dependence. Smoking is bad for your health, as is any kind of nicotine delivery system. Treat e-cigarettes as you used to treat traditional cigarettes. Don't deify, and don't demonize.

Let us hope for the best but don't forget, prepared for the worst.

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