Every week they had poker night
BY Shopify API @ December 06, 2022

Hello, my motivation for quitting the smokes is because of my parents. Like them, I was about a 2 pack a day smoker. My parents, with friends and family all smoked in the house as their generation mostly did. There was a yellowing and in some places, a kind of sticky, to some of the walls from the tar. Every week they had poker night and most of them all smoked so the house was thick with and stunk of smoke. My mom later in life Did finally quit smoking with the help of the original e-cig ego pens. Unfortunately, it was too late. She developed COPD and is now in stage 4 with permanent oxygen bottle. She is in the hospital at least 1-2 times every couple months for 1-2 weeks each visit for lung therapy. Her overall health is too bad for any kind of lung surgery. So all I can do now is watch her condition go downhill. Both of my daughters were continually on my wife and I to quit the smokes as they too watched my mom's condition decline. Well, that is my quit story

Author: Tom

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