【ecigclick】MOTI PIIN 2+ Disposable Vape Review – Performance Like A Cannon?
BY Mozart Liu @ December 06, 2022

Today I’m taking a look at the MOTI PIIN 2+ disposable vape.

Moti piin 2+ disposable main image

As the name would suggest this is another disposable vape in the MOTI PIIN range. We’ve also got the original PIIN, PIIN C4000 and the PIIN 2.

We have reviewed a few Moti devices including the Moti One 4000, Moti/Vaporesso X Mini and Moti Beaker 5000.

The PIIN 2+ has over twice the battery capacity of its predecessor, can hold three times as much e-juice and drastically increases the total number of puffs.

Let’s have a gander, shall we?

What Can We Expect From the MOTI PIIN 2+ Disposable Vape?

With a height of 105mm and a circumference of 20mm it’s by no means the slimmest disposable vape on the market. But that doesn’t make it less pocket friendly. It’s comprised of Stainless Steel and Poly Carbon (PC), so light as a feather.

Moti piin 2+ hand check imageThe coloured poly carbon makes up the restricted MTL mouthpiece and surrounding area which boasts a dimple effect that’s quite eye catching. It’s also present on the base of the disposable.

Underside of Moti piin 2+ disposableThe colours are designed to reflect the included flavour of which there are a total of 10 to choose from.

Although it’s alleged the MOTI PIIN 2+ is capable of 2000 puffs the 950mAh integrated battery is non rechargeable. It’s going to be interesting to see how long it holds out. Not to mention the actual number of puffs obtainable.

Moti Piin 2+ batteryIt’s available in salt nicotine strengths of 2% or 5%. I’ve been ‘lucky’ enough to have been sent the 5% strength. lol

The MOTI PIIN 2+ contains 6ml of e-liquid and is vapable via the 1.6ohm round wire coil using organic cotton to deliver the goods. Due to this capacity this device does not meet TPD regulations and will not be available in the UK.

Moti Piin 2+ stylish designSpeaking of delivering the goods, it’s time to see what this disposable is like. We’re checking it for flavour, vapour production, battery life and total number of puffs.


  • Dimensions: 105 x 20mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel/PC
  • Battery capacity: 950mAh
  • Nicotine strength: Salt nicotine 2% or 5%
  • E-liquid capacity: 6ml
  • Output power: 8.5W
  • Coil: 1.6ohm round wire
  • Puffs: 2000

Moti Piin 2+ dimensionsAt the time of writing there were no flavour descriptions available from the MOTI site. I’m going in blindfolded. Look upon my views and opinions as a mere guiding light. Please remember that taste is subjective.

NB: The original line up included Creamy Strawberry but that turned out to be DOA so I’ve replaced it with Rainbow Fizz.

MOTI PIIN 2+ – Cool Mint

Moti piin 2+ Cool Mint

I Say:

I have to say that the cooling agent used with Cool Mint is on par. It hasn’t been overused and that was my initial concern.

It soothes the throat rather than searing it which is pretty ‘cool’..

The spearmint is all too ready to escape the inhale and is plentiful on the way out. This is a no nonsense flavour profile and pitched perfectly towards the new or casual vaper.

Cool Mint provides a very refreshing and highly appealing taste.

As a welcoming change, the sweetener is put on the back burner. You won’t be receiving any sweet, sickly sugar lips with this one. It’s still in there but accompanies the main ingredient instead of overwhelming the whole experience.

I would even suggest Cool Mint to ex Menthol smokers out there because I feel it’s a worthy enough substitute.

As a palate cleanser between flavours and to prevent the dreaded vapers tongue syndrome?

Hell yeah!

MOTI PIIN 2+ – Rainbow Fizz

Moti piin 2+ Rainbow FizzI Say:

On the initial inhale a soothing, cooling effect is created. It finds a spot on the back of the throat and develops rapidly during exhale to linger post vape. It’s a dominant player in Rainbow Fizz.

It doesn’t stop the exhale from producing some creamy, subtle flavour blending.

Keep an eye out for Orange and Lemon as a partnership. For flavour, these are the two that stand out the most for me. This is quite a reserved duo of fruits and provide something of a candy like edge.

It’s not an ‘in your face’ creation. It lacks the juiciness and citrus elements of the fruit. The exhale carries more of a powdered sweetie texture – something akin to the old school Love Hearts sweets.

That apparent creamy texture softens the sweeter side of the vape. Overall, Rainbow Fizz is a drier exhale than the others and certainly not as intense or concentrated in flavour.

MOTI PIIN 2+ – Lush Ice

Moti piin 2+ Lush IceI Say:

Working on past experiences of flavours known as ‘Lush Ice’ I have to say I’m somewhat surprised.

Then again it could be my particular taste buds.

There is a very fresh Watermelon taste but I’m also convinced of the presence of a ripe garden variety Apple. Since we have no flavour description to go by, I’m sure MOTI can set the record straight.

There’s a very nice blending of the two fruits but the sweetness factor is ramped up this time. It’s going to leave its mark on the lips post exhale. The inhale provides that same soothing cooling effect initially but it will open out and loiter at the back of the throat post vape so it’s worth mentioning.

The flavour is very consistent from start to finish and what we get is a very smooth as a MTL vape.

I’m not entirely sure whether I’ve actually had a flavour combination like this before. All I can say is, I very much like it. Lush Ice will make the perfect Summer vape and with that icy cold blast at the start? What better way of cooling down.

I’m impressed with this one.

Battery Life, Performance and Number of Puffs

Spread out over the course of a few days I got 22.5 hours use from the 950mAh rated disposable battery. Using my usual vaping patterns (moderate to heavy use) the Moti PIIN 2+ gave me a total of 1,620puffs. So it does fall short of suggested.

However, to the newer or casual vaper they’re still getting good value for money. That’s because the device is likely to last them five, maybe six days.

In terms of performance it’s pretty flawless. I had no issues with auto draw functionality, the vape remained consistent and flavoursome and vapour production was satisfactory throughout the entire test period.

Final Review Verdict

The Moti PIIN 2+ offers a very good MTL vaping experience. In my opinion the restriction is set just right. It’s not so tight that you’re pulling faces yet not so loose that you’re losing vapour during the inhale. Good stuff!

MOTI state that the PIIN 2+ provides an effective throat hit. I didn’t get that. I found the 5% nicotine salt to actually be much, much smoother than I anticipated. Nicotine strength this high can sometimes literally take my breath away.

Not so with this disposable.

To this end I could quite easily believe I was vaping 2%. Either way there’s no argument from me. Both inhale and exhale was a highly enjoyable experience.

As a chain vaper, almost 24 hours use was more than acceptable. The 950mAh battery held out quite well.

So overall the Moti PIIN 2+ pretty much does perform like a cannon and I like it.


Although it falls short on the number of promised puffs the MOTI PIIN 2+ performs like a trooper. The 950mAh integrated battery holds up for almost 24 hours of continuous use with flavour and cloud production very consistently throughout. Highly recommended to the new or casual vaper.

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