MOTI New Product Launch in Malaysia, Aiming to Accelerate the Brand's Overseas Layout
BY Mozart Liu @ December 06, 2022

A new product launch conference was held on March 29, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. MOTI released three new products specially designed for overseas markets. This is important progress for MOTI's overseas business sector in 2022 in response to the country's call to actively go overseas.

At present, China's electronic cigarette industry is ushering in exciting changes. The "Administrative Measures for Electronic Cigarettes" has been officially promulgated. While promoting the standardized development of the industry, it will continue to accelerate the process of brands going overseas. China will transform from the world's largest e-cigarette manufacturing country to the largest exporter of e-cigarette brands. As the first leading brand in the industry to participate in the international market competition, MOTI has carried out export exploration and practice for more than 10 years. At present, its business has covered 57 countries and regions around the world, and it has 10W+ various outlets around the world; MOTI maintains the leading position in developed areas like Europe and the United States and has established an independent platform for the industry's leading e-commerce in North America.

Malaysia has the largest and most mature e-cigarette market in Southeast Asia, and the competition is also the most fierce. For Chinese e-cigarette brands, Malaysia is a brand highland must seize in the Southeast Asian market. In MOTI's global overseas strategy in 2022, Malaysia will be one of the key markets and undertake the important task of building a brand benchmark and building a channel highland.

MOTI believes that Chinese e-cigarette companies going overseas is a global competition challenge faced by the high-tech industry, and scientific research innovation and high-quality product experience are the keys to going overseas. Relying on the strong brand comprehensive strength of the team and years of overseas market experience, MOTI has been fully prepared in many aspects.

The full matrix of new products brings a differentiated experience to the Malaysian market.

For the Malaysian market, the MOTI brings K Pro, MOTI Pop, and MOTI X Mini 3 flagship products, covering the disposable, pod system, and advanced personal vape products, which are quite innovative and practical, reflecting the unique product innovation advantage of MOTI in the industry. This will effectively fill the gap in customer demand and bring a rich product form with differentiated experience to this Malaysian market with serious product homogeneity.

In the field of product development, "patent first" is the basic game rule for participating in international market competition. MOTI adheres to the philosophy of "Product as the driving force“, and its product research and innovation capabilities are ahead of the industry, and its scientific research investment in this field far exceeds the industry average. At present, the company has established a MOTI laboratory following CNAS standards and established an international R&D innovation center. Up to now, MOTI has 200+ inventions, involving a large number of structural patents, and is one of the few companies in the industry with product definitions and scientific research teams.

Adhere to the highland of quality and gain the trust of overseas markets with high-standard products.

In the field of market exploration, providing high-quality products and services to global users is the cornerstone of gaining market trust. To create high-quality products with competitive advantages, MOTI continues to make efforts in the layout of the entire industry chain to create strict production and product control standards.

At present, MOTI has a factory with core material production and assembly capabilities. In the 5th International Electronic Cigarette Industry Summit Forum in 2021, MOTI won the "An"(means Secure and Solid) quality certificate and was recognized by the industry for its quality control ability of products, providing an authoritative quality endorsement for the brand's overseas trade.

Brands going overseas is a major trend after the "identity legalization" of the domestic e-cigarette industry. At the same time, they will usher in an important development stage of the transformation from Chinese manufacturing to Chinese brands and world brands. At present, MOTI has achieved excellent results in many countries. By strengthening the development and upgrading of overseas markets, it has joined hands with more overseas enterprises to bring greater value to China's electronic cigarette industry.

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