MOTI Launched MOTI K Pro, the Flagship Product, and More in Malaysia
BY LiuMozart @ December 06, 2022

MOTI’s latest official launch event with the theme’ level up your sense’, was just held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on March 29th, 2022.

The newly released MOTI K Pro will be widely available across the Malaysian market in the following flavors: Tropical Mango, Lime Grape, Lychee lce, Sarsi lce, Lemon lce, Roasted Coffee, Oolong Tea, Passionfruit Breeze.

According to the event, MOTI K Pro's selling price starts from RM119, a very competitive price in the local market.

This Spark Design Award-winning model has gone viral due to its innovative function: flip the POD to change the vaping modes between DTL and MTL; Also, the upgraded version of MOTI's self-developed technology MCU is also equipped in this flagship product, which made the exclusive heating program for each flavor come true. Launching a major hit product like MOTI K Pro in Malaysia, and its market importance is self-evident.

Malaysia is one of the most important markets in MOTI's overseas strategy, and it undertakes the remarkable task of building a benchmark for branding and channel building.

MOTI as the top 2 e-cigarette brand in China, has been known for its strong product development and independent production capabilities. The products cover closed, open and disposable. It can provide a complete product line and service for the Malaysian market to meet the needs of local customers.

The entire Malaysian e-cigarette market is too homogeneous and lacks new ideas and highlights. MOTI currently has differentiated products that can bring a new experience to Malaysian e-cigarette consumers. As the theme of this event is: level up your sense.

As the largest, most competitive market for e-cigarettes in Southeast Asia, the Malaysian market is also the brand highland of e-cigarette products. As we all know, the vaping industry is struggling this year due to the influence of COVID-19. Despite obstacles, the MOTI team has achieved outstanding results.

At the event, the MOTI team also introduced a powerful lite version of a POD MOD system product, and a popsicle-shaped disposable vape pen, the MOTI POP, born to level up your sense and attract more customers who are willing to try different vaping products.

MOTI K Pro and MOTI POP are now available on the MOTI Shopee Malaysia platform:

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