MOTI hosted a Halloween event at Auckland's largest nightclub
BY Chelly Hong @ December 06, 2022

Unconsciously, the annual Halloween has come again! I don't know how you spent this day, but you will definitely regret the absence of MOTI NIGHT Halloween party. MOTI was hosting its BIGGEST launch party of the year, based in New Zealand.

2019 MOTI NIGHT Halloween event was hosted by Future club. Future club is one of the most popular upscale bars in Auckland. It is located on Auckland City Main Street (22 Durham Street West, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand). The east side of the bar is Auckland University of Technology and University of Auckland. The entire club is based on a futuristic view. From the lazers to the metallic walls the whole place fits its name. The drinks were good and the music itself was better.

We prepared a photo wall backdrop for the guests who participated in the event. When the guests entered, they would sign the wall and then take a photo. The first 50 attendees can receive a MOTI starter kit for free with their bracelets.

During the event, we invited some special guests as a big surprise, we got the craziest DJ in town as well as hottest models in the country. The models performed a catwalk show, they held “M”“O”“T”“I” from the entrance of the Future club to the DJ stage, and makes a circle on the second floor to display the MOTI products.

Vaping your MOTI,shaping your MOTI , and screaming your MOTI! Enjoy your special and unforgetting Halloween party night with MOTI ! See you next year!

Author:MOTI Official

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