What are E-cigarettes?

Electronic cigarette is also called e-cig or vape. It is an electronic device that consists of an atomizer, a battery (power source), and a holder together. The liquid solution inside the holder is called e-liquid. E-liquid contains nicotine or no nicotine in it. Atomizer is the heart of an e-cigarette. It vaporizes the e-liquid to allow vapers to inhale vapor and exhale big cloud. Battery is usually equipped inside a device. E-liquid holder, in different types of vapes, is called as cartridge/tank/pod.

How does E-cigarette Work?

E-cigarette heats up the e-liquid and vaporizes it for users to inhale and exhale. Using an e-cigarette is called vaping. Vapers can either directly draw from the mouthpiece or press the button on the vape device to activate the vaping action depending on what kind of vapes they are using.

Benefit of Vaping

95% Less Harmful than Smoking

Switching to vape can effectively help reduce the harm brought by cigarettes. Public Health England released a study claiming that vaping is 95% heathier than smoking.

Help smokers manage the nicotine intake

Tobacco produces toxic chemicals while burning. It is also relatively hard to decide the nicotine level. When you use vape, you can choose the nicotine level you prefer. If you want to decrease your nicotine intake, you can choose the nicotine strength of your pods or vape juice.

No Bad Smell

Vaping doesn't produce bad odor like tobacco cigarette. Vape doesn't burn like tobacco. E-cigarette vaporizes the e-liquid and has no chemical reaction.

Do Not Vape if You don't Smoke

Vape contains nicotine and it is an addictive chemical. We suggest you not use vape if you are not a smoker.

Disposable Series (Disposable Vapes)

Disposable vape is a good way to start vaping if you are trying to quit smoke and are not sure of if you would persist.

It is usually a small, non-rechargeable, non-refillable, and throw-after-use vape with prefilled e-liquid.

MOTI Disposable series currently has 3 types of disposable vapes: regular capacity MOTI Piin disposable vape (1.6mL/400 puffs), larger size MOTI Piin Plus disposable vape (4mL/1000 puffs), DTL disposable vape MOTI MEGA, and 2 flavor in 1 vape MOTI Piin DUO (6mL).

Pod system (Change series)

Pod system can be also called as starter kit/vape kit. It suits for people who are new to vaping. Vape starter kit requires no skill to start. You don't need to fill the e-liquid by yourself, use external battery to turn on, or press button to vape. The only thing you need to use is to plug the pod into the device to use. Small sized vape pod kits don't require external batteries as they are designed with built-in batteries. Moreover, there are mainly two types of pod systems. If vapers don't need to fill the e-liquid, the vape kit is prefilled pod system, aka closed system. If the pod is empty and needed to be filled with e-juice before use, it is called open system vape pod kit.

MOTI provides beginner vape starter kit MOTI · C Arise and premium starter vape MOTI · S Lite for different needs. MOTI uses high quality and safe e-liquid with a wide range of flavor choices from fruit, dessert, tobacco, to menthol.

About MOTI

Since 2008, MOTI team has been leading e-cigarette trends and influenced multiple major vape evolutions. Now, MOTI has obtained 100+ rewards and patents in technology, and is one of the top vape brands specializes in vape starter kit and disposable vapes.
You can find our products in over 30 countries. MOTI strictly complies with local laws and policies. MOTI has established Shield Project to prevent underage from using vape. It is the foundation of MOTI business.