Several Facts You Need to Know About Safe Vaping
BY Jessie Tang @ December 06, 2022

Part 1. What is going on

#1 Vaping-Related Deaths in the USA

Over the past decade, lots of news has aroused widespread panic about dangers of vaping. For example, in 2009, a Texas man was killed by a vape battery explosion in his car. Afterwards the U.S. National Fire Data Center released a report on similar vape-related deaths, stressing that at least 195 people died for the same reason from 2009 to 2016. What’s more, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there have been roughly 1,000 reported cases of lung injuries potentially associated with vape use as of October 2019. The figure roared to more than 2,800 at the beginning of 2020.

Some health institutions are warning the public of potential dangers of vape use. However, a great deal of misinformation and exaggerated hypothesis about vaping harms are going around in the meantime. Given that vaping plays a positive role in smoking cessation, it’s by no means a good idea to blindly demonize it. The public should understand what really lies behind these vaping-related deaths.

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#2 Quality Really Matters

First of all, nicotine in the e-liquid is not the one to blame. Nicotine is not toxic, and only becomes deadly if a 150-pound adult consumes 60 milligrams or higher doses, as the CDC said. The nicotine absorption level is fairly low when people vape, quite similar to that in one’s smoking process, that is about 1.1 to 1.8 mg for each cigarette.
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Now that nicotine is not the real villain, could it be other ingredients in the e-liquid? Actually, very limited evidence could prove that the inhaling of e-liquid vapor will impair human’s respiratory or lung systems. However, one thing for sure is that those homemade or unregulated liquid would definitely bring great harms. Most of bootleg e-liquid contains extremely high levels of synthetic vitamin E acetate, which can put users at a deadly risk.

Damaged or poor-quality battery is also responsible for vaping-related deaths. To prevent more battery explosion tragedies from happening, users should purchase vape devices from more reliable brands.

Part 2. How to Ensure Safe Vaping?

#1 Stay away from homemade e-liquid or batteries

A series of deaths related to the use of homemade vape products have set the alarm bell ringing—vapers should buy only regulated and licensed e-liquid and batteries.

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#2 Don't vape too much

Take MOTI products as an example, we suggest that you consume at most one pod per day in case of overdose on nicotine, although the chances are slim.

#3 Buy vape-related products from established brands

As the vaping industry starts to boom, a great number of unlicensed manufacturers are also managing to force their ways into the game. It’s largely for this reason that many government review processes for vape-related products have initiated, with a view to raising the bar of market entry and thus getting rid of below-standard products.

In this context, consumers should look at bigger brands with long establishment like MOTI. As a front-runner in the global vape market, MOTI is committed to continuously providing safe and trustworthy vape products with its strong R&D capabilities and advanced patented technology. MOTI also takes pride in its powerful after-sales team, who aims to enable customers to enjoy best products from beginning to end. MOTI is the brand that vapers can always trust in.

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