Best of the Best:Top Pre-filled Pod Systems of 2020
BY Chelly Hong @ December 06, 2022


Pod vape,also known as pod system, is the middle-ground between a simple vape pen and an expensive box mod. These mini vapes are simple, compact and easy to use. Pod systems are literally the best vape to beginners for a smooth transition into vaping.

As we all know, every pod system can be sorted into two categories: refillable and pre-filled. Each style comes with their own pros and cons. Refills give you more freedom in terms of flavor, but unknown sources of e-liquid may put you at risk. With the pre-filled system you will not have the complication of choosing the right e-liquid and the convenience of not having to fill them yourself.

When purchasing a pod system, it ultimately comes down personal preference. We’ve simplified it for you. Of the scores of closed pod systems we’ve tested, this is our list of the best.






Liquid Capacity:0.7ml

Dimension:87.2 x 15.1 x 7.15 mm

My Take:

If you’re a smoker and have already tried unsuccessfully to switch to vaping, you owe it to yourself to try a JUUL. It’s super simple to use, it’s small and discreet, and it tastes good too. There is nothing to do but puff and create surprisingly good vapor for something so little, and it charges in about an hour which makes the JUUL one of the fastest charging e-cigs out there. This innovative device is made to be charged at your laptop. It even looks like a USB thumb drive when it’s charging, so hardly anyone would look twice.


high nicotine + great performance

Solid flavor profiles

Little to no leaking

Great customer service and warranty


Limited nicotine strengths

Limited flavors and colors




Coil: Honeycomb ceramic coil by Meta Tech


Liquid Capacity:1.8ml

Dimension:115 x 20 x 10mm

My Take:

MOTI ( is a stylish vape manufacturer that brings elegant pod system on the table. With a 500mAh built-in battery offering power, this prefilled pod system enjoys a good battery life and can be fully charged in 50 minutes. MOTI utilizes a ceramic, honeycomb like coil head for longevity and flavor, and its prefilled pod comes with 1.8ml e-liquid with 0% to 5% nicotine strength inside, which can bring you a very good throat hit.

The MOTI hit is satisfying, the flavor is really pronounced, and it wicks like a champ.


Great flavor

Nice MTL draw

Vapes relatively quietly

No spitting or leaking

Several colors choices

Good battery life

Pass-thru charging


Pods have some wiggle room

Charge could be faster




Coil: cotton


Liquid Capacity:1.9ml

Dimension:123 x 18mm x 27mm

My Take:

The Vype ePen 3 has a cigar shape and it is slightly taller and thicker than other pod systems on the list. But this still makes it easy to slip in a pocket, and there’s no danger of it rolling off your desk either.

The ePen 3 features a full plastic construction, and high-quality plastic should survive the punishment daily use. Vapor production on the ePen 3 is quite good, considering its relatively low power and MTL inhale, and the temperature is warm enough to give vapers a satisfying experience. These pods I have boxed are both 18mg nicotine strength, and one comes in Fresh Apple, the other in Dark Cherry.


Compact & sleek design

Economical pods

Long-lasting battery

18mg pods would suit heavy smokers


Occasionally had liquid in my mouth

Can’t see liquid left in pod

The charging cable is magnetic and not a proprietary micro USB

Logic Compact



Coil: cotton


Liquid Capacity:1.7ml

Dimension:106 x 18 x 10 mm

My Take:

The Logic Compact is a sleek and user-friendly pod system designed with new vapers in mind. It has a magnetized pod slot at the top which has an extremely satisfying feel and click when changing or removing the pods. The 350mAh battery was sufficient for a full day of vaping. I have found the pods to be well designed and the flavour range is very enjoyable. The pods are available in two different strengths, 18mg for heavier smokers who need a higher nicotine hit, or 12mg for those who were slightly lighter smokers or as an option to drop down a nicotine strength over time.

The experience from the Logic Compact is good in both practicality and usability.


Sleek Pen Design

Decent throat hit

Reasonable battery life


Uses a proprietary charging dock

Ocassionally the autodraw gets stuck and fires on its own




Coil: ceramic coil


Liquid Capacity:1.5ml

Dimension:106.68 x 18.03 x 9.65mm

My Take:

Myblu’s build quality is superb and it looks just like a normal pod style device, the pod on the top can be easily removed and it slips into the base with a satisfying snap thanks to its U-shaped cut on the body of the device. It is a thin, pen-sized device that features an automatic draw system. You use it by inhaling through the mouthpiece and the Myblu will produce vapors automatically. The pod performs really well as you won’t experience any spit back, burnt and dry hits.


14 different flavor options

different nicotine content options

20 Minute Charge Time


Leaks if left laying on its side

Keep getting a mouthful of e-liquid

Liquid flavors are not great

Whats more...

What we really love about pre-filled pod system is that they are perfect devices not only for new vapers but also for the experienced, making a perfect back up/secondary vape.

Thank you for reading our list of the best pre-filled pod system in 2020 and hope you enjoyed it. There’s definitely a place for a pod mod or two in your vaping arsenal and we would be glad to seeing you find the best solutions through this guide.

Author: MOTI Official

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