MOTI Vape brings additional advantages to vaping against smoking
BY Shopify API @ December 06, 2022

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular among smokers and those that want to start smoking but are afraid of the impact smoking will have on their health. This is based on some facts that admittedly prove that vaping is less harmful than traditional smoking. A popular brand in the vaping industry is MOTI that produces some of the most advanced e-cigarettes out there. Let's check out some facts in conjunction with MOTI's devices.

According to the FDA, vaping does 95% less damage than traditional tobacco and that is a fact since there is no burning that releases dozens of harmful substances. The main ingredient of the company's e-liquid is natural fruit and vegetable glycerin. When vaping, it does not produce harmful substances such as tar, carbon monoxide, suspended particulates, etc.

Featuring a 6th Gen Ceramic Coil Heating Technology and an innovative Meta Tech Heating Technology, MOTI's devices retain a stable temperature and heat conduction and each drop of e-liquid is fully vaporized. This, combined with the nicotine salt included in the company's e-liquids, results in a richer, flavorful, and more enjoyable vaping experience with smooth nicotine hit. Also, you get rid of yellow teeth and bad breath since there is no tar that carries the carcinogens produced by burning cigarettes. And it doubles as a room air freshener too since it's fragranced with fruits and vegetables!

Now, another aspect of dropping smoking for vaping is the financial impact. One pod of e-liquid makes up for 2 packs of cigarettes and it costs just a fraction of that! Not to mention the convenience of starting vaping immediately without searching for your lighter.

Of course, the most important in every product is quality. MOTI's e-juice contains imported flavor from Capella that uses the finest ingredients in its products. Also, the core of the atomizer is ceramic, something that simulates the sense you have when smoking real cigarettes. In addition, the vaping devices are also made of high-grade materials with good texture and are very wear-resistant. The company's supplier is Eastman from the United States.

Finally, a few words about the features of MOTI's vapes. A product must not just be effective but also pretty-looking with sleek and stylish design. And that's what the company has achieved as there are no buttons and switches, all you have to do is draw and enjoy. Also, the 500mAh built-in battery can be recharged in less than an hour and results in more than 600 puffs. Also, instead of the prefilled pods, you can use the MOTI refillable pods to create the flavor you like. The starter pack includes all you need like a pre-filled or refillable pod and a USB charge cord. And the vape of course. And if believe that you'll miss smoking so badly the company's devices adopt nicotine salt technology, in the mode of moderate organic salt, reduce stimulation of nicotine to the human body, and provide 1:1 experience of smoking a real cigarette. See all about the company and its devices on other pages.

Author:MOTI Official

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